Science and Technology Innovation Center of NanShan(LiuXiandong Liu Jiefang)Project

Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province






Plan design



We believe that by creating a composite shared space and improving space efficiency, we can release more space with elastic growth characteristics and natural integration, which can effectively adapt to future urban development needs.

In the planning layout, break the traditional enclosed layout, concentrate the inward distribution of the towers to improve efficiency, and put in the central part of the composite sharing "Central" to release the flexible space of the courtyard, to create a collection of industrial office, research and development, commercial, apartment An integrated composite space.

The strategy of smart ring is to put different functional boxes in different periods to meet various functional requirements of the city.

The building should have an elastic growth space that can expand the capacity and increment, so as to realize the function of intelligent evolution of the park. Design in the courtyard reserved bearing structure, preset structure traffic, equipment and other conversion interface, the future can be three-dimensional upward expansion, withdrawal planning "growth".

Design Construction Built Video

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