Headquarter Building of Nanshan Development Incorporation

Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province




82 126㎡





Nankai Building is located in Chiwan, Shekou. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and adjacent to Chiwan Port. The building is 156.9 meters high. It consists of 3 underground floors and 33 floors above ground. It is a comprehensive building integrating logistics and office. The base is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea, with unique landscape resources. The plan aims to create an open urban space that is connected to the external streamlines, allowing the building to blend more naturally into the beautiful natural surroundings.

The tower is located at the southwest corner of the site, facing the sea to the south, with good visibility, and the flow of people from the port can clearly see the image of the tower. The side facing away from the sea can also have a beautiful view of the Da Nan Shan Forest Park and is closely linked to public transportation systems such as subways and bus stops. The location of the tower is designed to match the design of the main road to achieve the best solar path and air duct, so that each floor of the office building benefits from natural ventilation and maximum sunshine.

The bottom design of the building takes into account the overall layout and facade modeling of the building, and adopts the same inclined scaly glass awning as the facade. The awning falls on the lower end of the building in a simple and light way, which maintains the clean and independent building with moderate design techniques. Two - storey lobby design, north - south connection, clear atmosphere. Indoor bright and clean marble and of large be born glass are used, reveal the integral temperament that gives atmosphere high-grade.

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