Digital China International Innovation Center

Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province




206 000㎡


Plan design


The plot is located in the Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters base area. Therefore, we are committed to building a “personalized” and “differentiated” health demeanor, technology and innovative landmark enterprise headquarters building in Shenzhen, relying on the superior location to create a super city image.

The plot is located in the super headquarters base area of Shenzhen bay, so we are committed to creating Shenzhen's "personalized" and "differentiated" health look, technology and innovation landmark level corporate headquarters building, relying on the super location advantage, to create a super city image.

The urban space is extended. The business of this program 1-3 is freely scattered in the form of “small box”. It integrates with the urban interface from the form and spatial structure, maximizing the contribution to the city; and concentrating the commercial format of high-end positioning services. It involves 4-5 layers, forming a “large ring” volume, and unifying the overall structure of the project.

Design Construction Built Video

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