Shunde OCT Triangle Project

Foshan City, Guangdong Province




120 863㎡


Plan design


The Shunde OCT Triangle Project is located on the east side of the Happy Coast Commercial and Happy Coast Theme Park in OCT. It is adjacent to Happy Avenue in the north, Longpan East Road in the south and Fengsha 2nd Road in the west. The project has good waterscape resources, artificially excavating about 250 mu of lake surface, and the water system is developed. It is connected to the wetland park Guiyin Lake, and the lower Tongsong Ronggui waterway. The total lake area is about 3,000 mu, overlooking the Happy Coast and Shunfeng Mountain Park. And the landscape has obvious advantages.

The tower adopts the frame-tube structure, and the vertical lines are simple and bright, forming the thickness of the air conditioner position, forming the contrast between the real and the virtual. The horizontal lines are divided into a group of 2 floors, a group of 3 floors, a group of 4 floors and a group of 5 floors, generating a sense of rhythm and presenting a more elegant temperament.

Design Construction Built Video

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Shunde OCT Triangle Project