Qianhai No.1 Apartment,Excellence Group

South China, Shenzhen, Guangdong




470 000㎡





Based on the high-end positioning of Qianhai Modern Industry Service Area, the outstanding Qianhai Yihao Apartment is a CBD apartment built for the future Qianhai elite talents. It seamlessly connects the bustling city and not only provides fashionable and convenient vertical urban life experience, but also Trying to create a romantic and romantic lifestyle like a living cloud.

As an indispensable part of the excellent qianhai financial center, apartment no. 1 has its own identifications and coordination with the surrounding office groups in terms of architectural design style. The exterior facade combines the slightly changed curved contour with the horizontal line to bring the flexible and elegant visual width feeling, which also accords with the coastal characteristics of the project. The overall design style is simple, modern, two towers in the height of 100 meters across the connection as a whole, its free form like floating clouds, combined with its internal setting of the top skyline club function, is the core of the design highlights. The facade is mainly composed of glass, aluminum plate and GFRC. The overall tone is gray and white, highlighting the pure simplicity and fashion sense. At the same time, the gray of glass and the white of transverse aluminium alloy adornment belt built concise, lively tonal contrast, aggrandizement vogue, contemporary littoral style.

The outstanding Qianhai Apartment is a home for the future elites of Qianhai. “With perfect integration into the future Qianhai Metropolitan Map, it not only provides a fashionable and convenient vertical urban life experience, but also tries to create an art like living in the clouds. With the goal of romantic lifestyle, the master plan design highlights the prominent position of Qianhai District in urban development through the landmark building that blends with the surrounding city texture. The landmark tower represents the outstanding quality of the building, providing an iconic landmark for the financial district, enhancing the urban fabric of the surrounding area and providing a financial hub for larger areas. The new financial hub will integrate pedestrians and driving routes with the surrounding infrastructure to form a destination that locals and international friends aspire to, contributing to other development projects within the pre-sea area master plan, while enjoying its The benefits generated by future development. The plan will seek to enhance Shenzhen's image as a financial center in China and enhance Shenzhen's iconic landmark as an emerging and modern city.

Connecting the two towers with the concept of "air clouds" shows a good indication.

Design Construction Built Video

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