Purple Mountain Sports Park

Longyan City, Fujian Province




156 992㎡





The project is located in the core area of Zijinshan Sports Park, surrounded by high-quality park landscapes, with a wide view and a pleasant living environment. The east side is close to the clubhouse and commercial center, sports park, school and other supporting facilities. Zijinzhong Road runs through the whole land from east to west, and the daily life is very convenient.

Relying on purple mountain scenic spot, sports park and other scarce resources, the design highlights the dominant position of the location. Combined with the mountainous terrain, to create an overall south low north high, low outside high planning layout space. On the basis of respecting the scenic spot, the building texture and facade are planned according to different levels to achieve a harmonious and win-win situation between the building and the surrounding land. Product design diversification, to rich levels of courtyard landscape, to create a comfortable and pleasant ecological livable architecture. The facade of the small high-rise apartment adopts modern and elegant style, the color is mainly beige, with a small amount of dark red and dark brown face brick interspersed locally, and the entrance building of the residence is decorated with stone materials to improve the quality of the residence. The houses and houses in the central area adopt the style of grassland. Through the setting of sloping roof and horizontal overhanging eaves, the building integrates with the environment.

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