Wuhan OCT Original Shore

Wuhan, Hubei




574 137㎡





      OCT· Original Shore is located in the 5A eco-tourism scenic spot in Wuhan, as the last residential project in the East Lake Scenic Area. It is the top luxury mansion work of the OCT (Central) Group after the establishment of the Essence of Life and Aesthetics. It has been placed on high hopes. At the same time, the multi-party appeal is poured out – how to create a good urban interface, optimize the integration of the landscape and the surrounding environment, and bring about the improvement of community quality.

      Architects start from a unique project location, grasp the advantages of the 1380m lakeshore line, maximize the coverage of low-density products, and create different product types by modularization. The high-rise buildings are laid out along the Avenue of Joy, and their volume is formed through a layout of corners and misalignments to form a “one-layer skin” high-level plan. Each building is fully illuminated in the north and south, and allows the households to enjoy the view of the East Lake and form a landscaped facade.

      The patchwork height of the buildings raises the beautiful skyline, and the citizens who play in the East Lake Greenway are attracted to it at a glance. The open space between the buildings not only realizes the large-area greening and unobstructed view, but also helps to create a good urban visual corridor.

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