OCT Big Sight

Xiangyang, Hubei province








The exhibition hall

The OCT Big Sight is a large-scale cultural tourism project that Shenzhen OCT Group and Hubei Transit Group complement each other and develop together. The purpose is to create a national advanced landmark new city through multi-industry linkage development, and promote the development of modern service industry in Xiangyang City. Xiangyang has become the capital of leisure and tourism in the Han River Basin, one of the most influential central cities in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. As the exhibition center of the project, the case led the spirit of the entire plot. We hope that the architecture will reflect the functions and aesthetic needs, while the style reflects the local cultural characteristics and does not lose the modern temperament.

The exhibition center is a window for the overall display of the exhibition area. Its iconicity and distinctiveness are especially concerned by designers. How to make the exhibition center here different from others? Drawing inspiration from local history and culture is perhaps the best source of design. The project is located in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, a cultural city with a history of more than 2,800 years. It is the main source of Chu culture, Han culture and the culture of the Three Kingdoms. The design concept comes from this.

The four treasures of the study, "pen, ink, paper, and pipa" are the representative cultural symbols of Chinese civilization. They are not only writing tools, but also special cultural carriers. The display center overlooking is like a floating platform, and the ink on the platform is engraved with a circular imprint, which exudes a strong Chinese traditional culture.

The main entrance faces the main road, opening to the city street with an open attitude, and the open front space and awning form a display surface, giving the guests a direct feeling of the noble atmosphere. The circular water on the main entrance of the main entrance responds to the "falling" and "grinding", and the shallow mirror pool serves as a cushion for the main building and entrance, showing an elegant and quiet posture.

The exhibition center is a two-storey building. The second floor is made of U-shaped glass. The first layer is made of ultra-transparent glass and beige stone. It supports a light two-layer volume and forms a modern building.

As an extension of the exhibition center, the observation tower is in line with the exhibition center. Through the evolution of the seals of the words "Xiang" and “Hua”, it evolved into the architectural form of the watchtower. The architecture is not ancient, but the algae, which reflects the modern interpretation of traditional culture.

Xiangyang is a picture of the ancient landscape of the landscape city. We refine the local landscape culture works, introduce the famous paintings of Xiangyang into the garden, and create elements of modern Zen, gardening space with mountains and water, stone and other elements. Every scene in the exhibition center is carefully considered to present the most natural truth. A dead tree, a few ochre, a bamboo forest, and then dotted with some pebbles, white sand, Tingbu... small corners, after careful carving, there is a Zen. The winding trails such as freehand calligraphy are generally drawn in the courtyard, and the mirrored waterscape adds a bit of ethereality and tranquility to the venue. Ingenious Trinity composition, the stone and water, architecture and water, architecture and rock and stone complement each other, to create a minimalist courtyard space.

The beauty of the East lies in the lyrical way of coming and the natural innerness of simplicity. The interior design uses modern minimalist Oriental vocabulary to eliminate excessive decoration and take care of the user's sensory comfort with care and restraint. Step into it, clean vision, indifferent decoration will feel the strength of soothing and stable. The whole space is dominated by the white and simple lines of art, echoing the bright and pure characteristics of the building structure itself. The front reception area utilizes the bright and translucent characteristics of the lacquered glass to reflect the bright and clean of the moon. The front desk made of artificial stone is like a bird spirit swimming in the sky. The brand display area appears as a display space, each of which is open-set, and the display form is flexible and controllable. The surface has an open view, combined with the architecture and landscape configuration, and presents a window-facing light. The negotiation area is an area where people's flow nodes are assembled. The overall use of modern leisure and comfortable fabric style, semi-transparent glass clips and partitions, echoing the line cutting of the facade, and also creating a privacy atmosphere to a certain extent. The black marble floor presents a splash of landscape painting, while the high-definition furnishings further enhance the spatial style.

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