Chengdu Jintang Club Exhibition Center,CTS

Chengdu, Sichuan






Built in、Integrated、Whole process design



The project is located in Jintang County, northeast of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, and has a huge natural landscape advantage. The base has a beautiful environment of artificial lake landscape resources. It can overlook the Longquan Mountains from the east and the Beihe River in the southwest. The design is inspired by the rays of light and the flow of water. Through the increase of building volume, the cutting of the site and the superposition of layers, an irregular and multi-level architectural form is finally formed. The façade uses a large area of transparent glass to increase the sense of indoor transparency and create a connection with the natural environment. The use of wooden roofs and floors allows the building to be better integrated into the environment. The overall appearance is elegant, simple and dynamic. In the early stage of the project, as a marketing exhibition center, the internal functions include a reception area, a brand display area, an office area, a conference room, and a children's play area. In the later period, as a permanent characteristic building of the scenic spot, the future function considers the fitness culture hall, the lakeside fitness club and the island bookstore.

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