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Style reference:

Jindi Fenghua Dajing Exhibition Area
The Jindi Fenghua Dajing Project implements the design idea of “Dongzhang Xiwang”, adopts the most beautiful fragments of Chinese traditional culture, follows fashion, creates belonging, creates poetic living quality, and highlights high-value New Oriental aesthetics.

R&F No. 10 63
As a high-end product of Hangzhou Fuli No.10 series, the landscape aims to create a quiet and solemn space atmosphere in the existing space layout; the compact inverted “T” space structure can be combed into a simple and poetic design principle. A life field that reflects the sense of ritual in the public space and can take into account the privacy of the individual courtyard.

Taihe Beijing Yard
"Taihe·Beijing Yard" is located in the Sunhe plate of Chaoyang District, east to Sunhe North Road, west to Sunhe Group No. 7 Road (Longhu Block), south to Sunhe Group Mission No. 3, and north to Shunhuang Road. It belongs to the second green belt of Beijing and the green ecological corridor of Wenyu River. The environment is beautiful, the transportation is convenient, and the natural ecological environment is unique. The main products of the project are villas on the ground floor with 3 floors and 2 floors, which are surrounded by courtyards. The project garden adopts the traditional Chinese royal hospitalization method. According to the design method of "one pool and three mountains", the teacher's law is natural, the benevolent Leshan, the wise man Le Shui. It is planned to have two theme gardens, namely, a mountain garden and a water garden, to give different places of leisure to the residents.

Taihe Xiamen Yard
Taihe·Xiamen Yard is the first new Chinese-style courtyard villa in Xiamen. Covering an area of 170,000 square meters, it will be the largest urban high-end villa area in Xiamen. The Taihe·Xiamen Yard inherits the royal style of the Forbidden City. The overall design and implementation of the concept of “Royal style, Chinese style, modern interpretation” is both more ethos and more culture. The overall terrain of the Taihe·Xiamen Yard project is high in the north and low in the south. It follows the essence of the Han and Tang Dynasties architecture, highlights the grandeur of the Han and Tang Dynasties, reflects the Chinese charm, and forms a unique "new, not ocean, but not ancient" Architectural style.

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