1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture or urban planning;

2. No less than nine years of working experience in a regular company or design institute;

3. Capable of comprehensive design and organization management of large-scale projects independently;

4. Possess excellent aesthetic ability, rich architecture and related knowledge, and be able to grasp the trend of design;

5. Sharp thinking, rich in creativity, with unique creative ideas, concepts and vision, as well as excellent expression and hand-drawing skills;

6. Have excellent communication and coordination skills, can organize and coordinate the team to complete the design of the plan;

7. Possess the entire process experience from planning to architectural design (scheme, expansion) and control of the entire construction process;

8. Familiar with industry design, engineering, market, and relevant national and local laws and regulations and industry specifications;

9. Have a persistent pursuit of architectural art, have a strong sense of responsibility and good team leadership;

10. Have excellent market insight and strong judgment and decision-making ability;

11. Those with working experience in well-known overseas architectural firms or well-known large-scale design institutes and first-level registered architects are preferred.