Job Responsibilities:

1. As the project's structural professional leader and important sub-designer;

2. Assist in daily technical management and progress management;

3. Formulate the schedule and design task of the design progress, and implement it after review by the superior leaders;

4. Responsible for preparing the plan and preliminary design documents;

5. In the construction drawing stage, further solve professional technical problems;

6. Coordinate the relationships between the majors, summarize the work at each stage, and communicate with all parties in a timely and effective manner;

7. Organize and guide the design and construction drawing design, and compile the project's unified technical regulations and drawing catalog;

8. Check the design quality;

9. Responsible for the unified filing of design documents and related materials;

10. Do a good job in technical communication, and conduct return visits and design summary work;

11. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders and their superiors.



1. Bachelor degree or above in civil engineering, structure, engineering or civil engineering;

2. More than 5 years of steel structure design experience, presided over large and medium-sized public construction projects, presided over residential (small) district-level residential projects, and assisted departments in implementing comprehensive management of the projects;

3. Strong project management ability, problem analysis and problem solving ability;

4. Thoughtful and organized, good management ability, communication and coordination ability, good teamwork spirit;

5. Aggressive and professional, able to withstand strong work pressure.