1. Corporate brand, corporate culture vision, logo design, corporate brand image and visual management; cooperate with some projects to publicize relevant design and extension;

2. Output creativity for brand communication services, including posters, annuals, Internet plans, H5, web pages, logos, fonts, soft text drawings / cover drawings, etc;

3. Be responsible for the production control and creative support of the company's brand design works;

4. Cooperate with the company in the production, follow-up and control of printing, ink-jet printing and other materials;

5. Be familiar with the production of all kinds of advertising materials and complete the work with high quality;

6. Have personal visual language and be familiar with design theory and latest design fashion;

7. Have the ability of computer operation and design, skillfully use PS and other design software, and have the ability of original hand drawing is preferred;

8. Participate in the implementation and cooperation of the company's exhibition and activity planning and promotion.



1. Graduated from art design, graphic design, visual communication and other related majors with full-time college degree or above;

2. More than two years of design work experience, the system has studied visual design, skillfully operated Photoshop, CorelDRAW, illustrator, InDesign and other graphic design software, and skillfully used word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software;

3. Be familiar with the production and process of all kinds of materials, and understand the painting process of advertising materials;

4. Have excellent aesthetic ability, creative design ability and unique creative thinking, and can accurately express design ideas;

5. Work actively and efficiently, be good at communication and coordination, have strong sense of responsibility and ability of understanding and analysis; have real estate or advertising industry logo, graphic design experience is preferred.