Job Requirements:

1. Take architecture as the cornerstone, design as the service orientation, and communication as the goal direction, assist the company in the design and writing of various publicity planning schemes, and in the writing of publicity promotion and publicity materials;

2. Be responsible for the writing of the company's external media and advertising performance text;

3. Assist in the collection and compilation of various publications of the company;

4. Regularly update industry information and write industry news;

5. Be responsible for the collection and arrangement of media soft articles and advertising materials;

6. Plan and implement corporate culture and related brand promotion activities.



1. Bachelor degree or above in Chinese, communication, new media, architecture, etc;

2. Experience in media or new media planning and operation practice is preferred;

3. Have the ability of topic selection planning and overall planning, be able to catch the network hot spots, industry trends and effectively transform, and be interested in architectural design or pan design circle;

4. Love and be familiar with interactive new media, and always pay attention to the latest trend of a certain body;

5. Have enthusiasm for brand promotion, good language expression and writing ability;

6. Good team work ability, able to work under pressure;

7. Familiar with the use of related design software and WeChat official account.