Salon丨Daily City Strategy——from the perspective of everyday life to think about urban space problem

In 2016, the cube school summer lecture hall was held in the cube design B office on the afternoon of July 23rd. This lecture invited the founder of Yuanxin GROUNDWORK, the registered architect of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and the professional member of the Hong Kong Interior Designers Association, Mr. Ruan Wentao. Lecture. The theme of this lecture is "The Art of Selflessness."

▲Mr. Yuan Wentao (left) Mr.Xiang Daqing, one of the cube design partners (right)

Bao Jing, our design director, is the host of this lecture.

First of all, Mr. Ruan made a brief introduction to his rich work experience and background of growth. Based on his personal experience, he led the theme of our speech, “The Art of Selflessness”.

Mr. Ruan think architecture is art, but also the service business. He used four projects as an example to introduce how to combine public welfare and design, adhering to the design tenet of “forgetting self-interest” and pursuing a simple and humanized architectural design concept, so that customers can practice their vision under the most ideal conditions.

Teacher Ruan's work sharing:
1. A large painting - Landscape Design of West Kowloon, Hong Kong
This project contains about seven artists' outdoor art works. There are several points to be dealt with in the design process: first, the landscape design can't be dominated by the white road, the road becomes a seat, and the seat becomes a road. The second is to hope that people flow like water, which contains some more space-consuming treatments, such as the overlap of some roads, making people become a small supporting role next to art. The organizer recognized the plan. When the building was rebuilt, Mr. Qi proposed a new idea for concrete, so that the plants next to it could directly cover the path. After a certain time, the path would disappear into the space.

2. Light room - indoor reconstruction of resettlement housing for victims of domestic violence
This project is funded by Mr. Ruan's company GROUNDWORK, a public welfare project for indoor renovation of resettlement houses for victims of domestic violence in Hong Kong, focusing on the rational use of public space, and especially retaining the privacy space for underage victims of domestic violence. To soothe their wounded soul.

3. Food stalls - modified Hong Kong food stalls
The food stalls have a long history in Hong Kong and flourished in the 1950s and 1960s. By 1970, the number had gradually decreased. The Hong Kong government is determined to ease the transfer of the food stall license for the rescue of the stalls and to modify the food stalls. Mr. Ruan and his team took over the project. In 2014, Mr. Ruan and his team conducted an investigation in Garden Street in Mong Kok for eight months. They visited the 223 stall owners, including the size of the device, the environmental impact, the research of the stalls, and so on. A plan was confirmed by the Hong Kong government. At present, all the stalls in Hong Kong have been updated, and the design concept of Mr. Ruan is organic.

4.Narayama Bushiko——Concept Design of Hong Kong Nursing Home
The problem of an aging population in Hong Kong is getting worse. As Hong Kong's rents and land prices are very expensive, the living conditions of more and more elderly people are not guaranteed. In 2013, Mr. Ruan and his team participated in an international competition and designed a conceptual plan to place the bed of the nursing home on a moving train to travel to the mainland. The east line is the city that passes through Guangzhou to the east coast. The west line is from Yunnan and Qinghai to the Silk Road. This project also has some poetic ideas, that is, I hope that the elderly can fall in love on the train. If they want to stay and live together, they can leave a car and park where they want to live. The cabins are equipped with GPS, and if there are special circumstances, they can be found directly so that they can get care from the hospital. The approximate price is a bed that is 500 euros.

This conceptual project received the most popular project award in a future space competition hosted by Building Trust International in the UK. Received a Honourable mention in the Future Project competition at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore.

The atmosphere of the on-site learning is strong, and Mr. Ruan Wentao's wonderful speech inspired the young designers of the cube design. During the lecture, the designers present in the room raised questions and interacted with Mr. Ruan. The atmosphere of the exchange was very warm. In the end, everyone gave a warm applause to Mr. Ruan’s witty and humorous answer.