Lecture丨Meeting the informationization of the construction industry - 2016 cubic design BIM results report meeting

On the occasion of the announcement of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on the issuance of the 2016-2020 Construction Industry Informatization Development Plan, “Cube Design” responded to the 2016 Autumn BIM Results Report at the Company B Office on September 19, 2016. The call for the informationization of the construction industry and the digital delivery of results.

First of all, Zhou Hua, the executive deputy general manager of the company, made an opening speech. He gave positive recognition to the results of the BIM department. Next, BIM department consultant Mr. Cheng Shaowei, BIM team Chen Wenming and Huang Yugong, respectively, staged a stage to give a wonderful speech.

Cube Architects (Canada) - Cube Architects Inc. - Managing Partner, Mr. Cheng Shaowei, a registered architect in Ontario, Canada and a member of the Royal Canadian Institute of Architects, is presenting for you.

The report is divided into four parts: First, a brief description of the BIM concept, and what kind of services our BIM team can provide to customers, and then use several representative examples to illustrate the application of BIM in the design and construction drawing design.

In the past two years since the establishment of the BIM department, more than 250,000 square meters of works have been completed. The building information model has been built for the design team, the builder and the owner to reduce the information leakage and communication gap. It can also be added at various stages. Their own professional information, update, track, change and maintain this common and single model. This is the way to build an integrated project delivery (IPD), which is a new direction for future construction project delivery models.

Our service content:
1. Digital Data Integration (BIM Modeling)
2. Collision detection
3. Design review based on BIM model
4. BIM-based building clearance analysis
5. BIM-based integrated pipeline design
6. Video roaming

The report will last for an hour, and the BIM team and the audience present also questioned and interacted. Everyone gave a warm compliment to the report and gave a round of applause.