Lecture丨Enrico Kremp "Micro&Macro: German architects' understanding of design"

On the afternoon of March 23, a lecture entitled "Micro&Macro: German Architects' Understanding of Design" was held at the Cube Design B office. This lecture invited Mr. Enrico Kremp, the first foreign architect of Cube Design and a partner of the current cube German company.

The lecture was started by Mr. Xiang Daqing, one of the cube design partners. The President gave a grand introduction to Mr. Enrico's main experience and expressed his sincere welcome.



Mr. Enrico's speech is divided into three main parts: his experience and insights in the work of GMP Architects in Germany, the profile of the German company and the 3D Max rendering secrets.

▲Mr. Enrico, who is giving a speech

▲On-site listeners who are dedicated to listening

German architectural firm GMP enjoys reputation in the world, also has been a lot of people are curious. Mr. Enrico gave a detailed introduction to GMP Architects from the organizational structure to the company's personnel composition, and “disclosed” GMP Architects for the audience.

Mr. Enrico combined many projects he had contacted, elaborated on the so-called "Micro" and "Macro", and shared with the audience the design philosophy and work details of GMP Architects.

Since then, Mr. Enrico has presented an overview of the cubic German company in Altenburg, Germany. The beautiful, peaceful surroundings and pure, elegant office environment are very desirable.


▲Cube German company in beautiful Altenburg

▲Cube German company is here~

▲Cube German corporate offices surrounding landscape

▲Cube German company's pure, elegant indoor environment

Next, Mr. Enrico shared his "secret" on 3DMax rendering.

The atmosphere of the exchange on the spot was warm. After the initial restraint, everyone gradually let go and actively asked questions and exchanges. In the face of doubts, Mr. Enrico also made a wonderful and impressive response.

▲Audience eager to ask questions

▲Mr. Enrico and Mr. Gui Jianhua, our design director, patiently answering the questions one by one.

Finally, the lecture ended in such a harmonious exchange atmosphere.