Job description:

1. According to my own characteristics, Irotate posts in each module of human resources team, including socialrecruitment, campus recruitment, salary and welfare, talent management,training and other directions;

2. Assist in the management and promotionof internal processes and projects of human resources;

3. Assist department leaders to improvehuman resource management system and formulate relevant improvement plans;

4. Assist in the implementation of variousrules and regulations of the company;

5. Be responsible for establishingenterprise talent pool.



1. Graduates of 2020, majoring in humanresources;

2. Familiar with office software, HRrelated internship experience is preferred;

3. Cheerful and optimistic, good atlearning, strong initiative in work, conscientious and responsible, with goodexecution;

4. Strong sense of service, able to workunder pressure and self motivation.