Job description:

1. Assist the financial manager to carryout work, do a good job in accounting business, do a good job in accounting andanalysis;

2. Strengthen the examination of originalvouchers, prepare accounting vouchers, and register all kinds of account booksin time;

3. Conduct accounting according to laws andregulations, implement accounting supervision, refuse to handle business inviolation of financial and economic system, and refuse unreasonableexpenditure;

4. Timely, correctly provide and reasonablyreflect the financial status and business results of each department, andcomplete the report of each competent department and the submission of taxes;

5. Assist the financial manager to carryout internal inspection, supervision and audit, provide correct and effectivedata, put forward suggestions, analyze, report and reflect the financial trendsand conditions to the superior leaders in a timely manner;

6. Verification and signing of accountingdocuments, preparation and arrangement and safekeeping of accounting files;

7. Complete monthly input invoicecertification and invoice issuing;

8. Constantly study and study, improve postskills, and be a good assistant of financial manager.



1. Graduates of 2020, majoring inaccounting, finance or related fields;

2. Good basic accounting knowledge,familiar with cash settlement business of the company;

3. Proficient in office software,experience in administrative practice is preferred;

4. Cheerful and optimistic personality,good at learning, strong initiative in work;

5. Integrity, strong sense ofresponsibility, rigorous style and careful work;

6. Have strong communication andcoordination ability; have strong adaptability, planning and implementationability, and be loyal to professional ethics;

7. Strong sense of service, able to workunder pressure and self motivation.