Job Description:

1. Be able to use Revit software to build electromechanical BIM model, cooperate with the designer to produce collision report, and carry out daily maintenance for the model;

2. Be able to use Revit software for professional design and produce the installation and construction drawings of comprehensive pipe network of mechanical and electrical specialty, which meet the requirements of BIM 3D design work;

3. Establish and maintain BIM family library, assist the person in charge to improve the enterprise BIM standard;

4. Complete other tasks assigned by the company.



1. Graduates of 2020, majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering;

2. Understand the professional knowledge, and have the basic ability to understand the construction drawings of each discipline;

3. Proficient in Revit, AutoCAD, NavisWorks and fuzor series software;

4. Dedicated, responsible, careful and rigorous, with good professional quality, team spirit, communication and coordination ability, exploration and learning spirit, committed to the development of BIM industry.