News丨Cubic design accelerates national development strategy, Xi'an branch established

Cube Design Signs Branch Settlement Agreement 

On June 7th, the “Building a Dream Changan – Shenzhen Alumni Entrepreneur Symposium” hosted by the Xi’an Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government was held in Shenzhen. As one of the contract cooperation units, Cube Design was invited to attend the signing ceremony. Wang Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Xi'an Municipal Party Committee, attended and delivered a speech. The meeting was presided over by Lu Jian, member of the Standing Committee of Xi'an Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor. Gao Wei, member of the Standing Committee of Xi'an Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, Cai Li, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, and Party Secretary of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Town Group, Party Secretary Duan Xiannian, etc. Important leaders and university alumni and entrepreneurs attended the event to discuss the development and future of Xi'an Investment.

▲Activity scene

Xi'an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, the “One Belt, One Road” hub city, the national central city and the opening gateway to the west. In recent years, we have actively explored new development models that focus on high-end industries and high-speed growth with high-quality development, and are rapidly catching up and surpassing them, becoming a hot spot for investment at home and abroad.

As the company grows and develops, the cubic design and the Xi'an municipal government work together to set up a branch, which also marks the further acceleration of the cubic national market strategy. In the project contracting session, Qiu Huikang, a cube design partner, signed an investment cooperation agreement with Liu Qizhi, secretary of the Beilin District Party Committee.

▲Qiu Huikang signed a project agreement

The relationship between Cube Design and Xi'an is profound. Mr. Peng Guangtao, a partner of Shenzhen Company, and Mr. Zeng Xiangang, a partner of Xi'an Branch, are all alumni of Chang'an University. Our first project in Xi'an, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, landed in Xi'an in 2004. Received the “First Prize of Engineering Consulting, Survey and Design of the Ministry of Machinery Industry in 2009”. Subsequently, he participated in more project cooperation in Xi'an, including Qujiang Ziting Court, Xi'an Hancheng Lake Concept Design, Xi'an OCT Hotel Renovation, and Jidong OCT Cultural Tourism Project Planning. The establishment of Xi'an Branch will help us further deepen exchanges and cooperation with the northwest region, and help the business development and the construction of a beautiful city in Xi'an.

▲Xidian University of Electronic Technology

▲Qujiang Ziting Court

▲Xi'an Overseas Chinese Town Hotel

▲Fengdong Overseas Chinese Town Cultural Tourism Project Planning

Xi'an Beilin leaders to come to visit the guidance cube design

Then on June 9, Xi'an Beilin District Committee Secretary Liu Qizhi lead the team to come to visit guidance the Cube Design, Beilin District Economic and Trade Bureau Director Song Pei, deputy director of the creative industries with the CMC ring Beilin University Chen Xiaoling, Beilin District Economic and Trade Bureau Office Director Wang Hao, Zhang Jianlei, the cadre of the Innovation Industry Belt Management Committee of Beilinhuan University, accompanied the tour. Cube design partners Qiu Huikang, Xiang Daqing, Peng Guangtao and Xi'an branch partners Zeng Xiangang, Gao Feng and other leaders warmly received the leadership of the Beilin District.

▲Qiu Huikang introduce the company to the leaders of Beilin District

Peng Guangxi introduced the development of the cubic design company, future planning, corporate culture concept and excellent project works to the guests. It also highlights the projects that Cube participated in in Xi'an, such as Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Jidong Overseas Chinese Town Cultural Tourism Project, and Qujiang Ziting Court. It has great influence in the local area and has been fully affirmed and praised by all leaders.

▲Secretary Liu Qizhi takes a hard look at building materials

▲Zeng Xiangang exchanged with Secretary Liu Qizhi

The two sides also discussed and exchanged ideas on school housing design, renovation and urban planning. Secretary Liu Qizhi said that Xi'an is actively creating the design capital of Xi'an. Beilin District is also actively developing the headquarters economy, building economy and block economy. The development of Xi'an and Beilin requires excellent creativity and design agency support. Hope that the cubic design can give play to its advantages. The industrial form of Beilin District has made positive contributions to the planning of urban areas in the Beilin District, the renovation of old buildings, and the renovation of old communities. It has designed more international and high-level works using advanced and environmentally friendly design concepts. Finally, the relevant departments will do a good job in service work, and be a good gold medal “shop second” to provide “five-star service” for enterprises, and look forward to the development of cube design in Xi'an.

▲Leaders posed for pictures