Activity丨The most beautiful coastline on foot

Looking at the sun,
Wind and sunny spring
Cube design partners have done
An "East-West Coast Crossing" event
10 km coastline walking
One-time exercise in one year
Also with more than 17,000 steps
Ranked first circle of friends today the amount of exercise
There are also excuses to let yourself eat and drink once.

The East-West coast is rated as one of the top ten most popular hiking routes in China by National Geographic magazine. Our trip from Dongchong to Xichong is about 10 kilometers. During the period, you need to climb the mountain, cross the beach, and cross a variety of rock formations, sea erosion rocks, caves, etc. The left hand sea, the right hand mountain, the foot reef, the top of the sun, this hiking experience will definitely make you unforgettable.
The essence of walking is the scenery along the way. As you climb to the top of the mountain, overlooking the vertical ropeway under your feet, and looking into the blue sea that is endless, you will feel that everything is worth it.

Climb mountains

Rock climbing

Carefully grab the corner of the prominent rock, climb the boulder on the rugged reef, and enjoy the scenery on the other side of the sea.

Perhaps you have never been so close and close to the sea.
The sun is so hot that the skin is hot, but the feeling of the sea breeze blowing on the face is so fascinating.

10 km is not easy for modern people who lack sports
Plus the undulating coastline and the scorching sun
I have felt that I have to keep going down many times in the middle.
Fortunately, there are partners who accompany you all the way.
Everyone supports each other, shares food, laughs and laughs.
After 5 hours of trek
Finally reached the beautiful Xi Chong Beach
And other combat partners
It took only 3 hours to reach the end point.
Can compete with professional players

At this point,
The annual Cube outing has come to a successful conclusion
Let us cheer for the Cube person of these combat power bursts.