Activity丨Smart hands heart of skillful craftsman, happy ceramic craft——Cube Design parent-child activities happy departure

Ceramics has a long history in China. It is a unique creation of the Chinese people, a treasure of Chinese civilization, and exquisite ceramic art is an outstanding representative of Chinese traditional culture. Last Sunday, the cube design parent-child activities, with large and small friends to enter the national porcelain Yongfengyuan, visit the Ceramics Expo, watch micro-movies, painted works, hand-made blanks to make ceramics, feel the charm of traditional Chinese ceramic culture.

In the morning, the sun was shining, and the cubic design families took the bus and set off for Shenzhen Auratic. Auratic is a national cultural industry demonstration base, a national high-tech enterprise and an intangible cultural heritage enterprise. Now it shoulders the heavy responsibility of spreading Chinese ceramic culture and has become a base for young children to understand traditional ceramic culture and modern ceramic technology.

When the car went into the National Ceramics Museum, the children made a "wow" exclamation. Colorful, beautifully patterned ceramics filled with large exhibition halls, emitting a quiet light. Vases, dishes, teacups, teapots... Each one is uniquely glamorous, and each of the Chinese ornaments is telling different stories.

Under the guidance of the lecturer, we appreciate the exquisite crystal, listen to the sound of porcelain sound, feel the elegance of bone china, as if through the tunnel of time, in the sigh of the Chinese nation's millennium culture, feel the history of the kiln fire temperature.

After the visit, the adults and children came to the hand-made hall to paint the ceramics and create the ceramic blanks by hand.

Painting can hardly beat our designers. The children seem to have inherited the good genes of their parents, and they are concentrated and vivid.

There is a special feeling in painting on a porcelain plate.

Look at the works of our little masters of painting

In the ceramic creation area, the children experienced the feeling of hand-drawing the ceramic blank. The temperature of the hand shaped the shape of the pottery and felt the life tension of the porcelain “derived from the soil and mixed with the water”.

For the first time, experience hand-drawing ceramic blanks, so happy.

By turning and shaping, slowly turning the soil into the desired shape

Little craftsman, tribute to the heart of skillful craftsman

The Chinese traditional culture is profound and profound. This activity not only deepens the children's understanding of Chinese ceramic culture, but also deepens the parent-child relationship and cultivates children's patience and hands-on ability in the play and joint creation of parents and children. It will surely be a good memory for the children in the summer.