2019 New Year's party丨A feast of the Cube

The lights are shining,

The curtain is open,

Cube Design 2018 summary commendation meeting and 2019 Spring Festival banquet,

In the expectation, it will come as soon as possible.

Cube people dressed up,

Share the moment of celebration.

Applause and glory, passion and touch,

At this moment, meet with you and me.

New Year's expectations - leadership message

Partner Mr. Qiu Huikang

Mr. Qiu Huikang, the design partner of the cube design, issued the New Year's wish of the opposite party, hoping that the cube can become a design dream factory, more open, inclusive, confident and elegant, and also place expectations on every cube person, "with their own work to win respect, with love to build a big family".

"I am not worried about the sinking of the real estate industry market. I am full of hope. We are doing real design. As long as we are united, we believe in our direction and insist on ourselves, we will have a vast space." 

Partner Ms. Wang Ying

Technical Director Mr. Hu Yang

Ms. Wang Ying, the partner, summarized and prospected the operation of the company in the past year, and defined the new operation mode and strategy of the company. Mr. Hu Yang, the technical director, praised everyone for their contributions in 2018. He also analyzed some mistakes and reasons in the work and called on everyone to take improving the design quality as the main goal in the New Year.

Mr. Yang Tianyi, General Manager of Beijing Branch

Mr. Yang Tianyi, General Manager of Beijing Branch, reviewed the trends of the real estate industry in the past year and the impact of this trend on the design industry. In the future, it will be an era where opportunities and challenges coexist, and the cube will be fearless and challenged.

Mr. Zeng Xiangang, General Manager of Xi'an Branch

Mr. Zeng Xiangang, the general manager of Xi'an Branch, summarized the operation of Xi'an Branch, which was just established in 2018. Under the support of the headquarters and the common strategic goal, the future will continue to practice “pursuing originality, paying attention to quality and serving actively”. The spirit of the cube, the pursuit of better design quality, and create better results.

Mr. Li Ziliang, General Manager of Guangzhou Branch

At the end of 2018, the GuangZhou branch of cube was established. As the youngest branch of cube, the team of GuangZhou branch is also highly motivated. General manager Li Ziliang showed the team's determination to make progress. "persistence will not necessarily achieve the dream, but we must give the dream a chance to tease us".

Glory together - award ceremony

2018 is a fruitful year, and this year the cube has achieved outstanding results, which are inseparable from the joint efforts of all the architects.

Award of winning works

——It’s sweat, it’s glory, it’s the confidence of the cube people in design.

Each piece of work with painstaking efforts and sweat shows the spirit of "pursuing originality, paying attention to quality and actively serving", and also shines the wisdom of cube people. The reward is a kind of affirmation, and also an incentive for the cube people to continue to explore on the way of design.

Award presentation
——Work silently, thank you

Tonight, the applause and the glory belong to you.

Celebration moments - Gala

Change the clothes that prepares meticulously, change on delicate makeup look, belong to the arena of cube person, good drama is being staged.

Architects also have childlike hearts, they are the cutest tonight

Sexy and enchanting dancers

Sing with deep feeling and show your voice

If you have so many hands when you draw, just fine.

The most beautiful building engineering department tonight

The high spirit, playing Call for the female of the Cube!!!

Best of the year, if you missed just wait for the next year's leadership show time

More exciting moments