Cube Design Wins International Consultation on Urban Design Optimization of Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base

Recently, the final result of the international consultation scheme on urban design optimization of Shenzhen bay super headquarters base came out. The international consultation is open solicitation in the global scope, gathering the excellent design forces from all over the world. The shortlisted institutions are architectural design firms from the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and other countries. As the only local consortium among the finalist institutions, kubo architecture & design co., ltd. and sumuding architecture & design co., ltd. have won the recognition of the organizer and evaluation experts with their unique design concepts.

Background of the project

Shenzhen bay super headquarters international consulting aims to face the world, urban design optimization for the future, to build a large bay area of guangdong international urban agglomeration "pinnacle" for the development of vision, in the original planning results based on the optimization and design, realization of shenzhen bay and intensive, highly effective, ecology, humanization "future city" goal. Through the strength of the layout structure, development of the area, function structure, public space, underground space,architectural landscape, ecological landscape, the city skyline, comprehensive content such as traffic,the wisdom city systematic design, strengthen the spatial form of fine planning control,high quality and highly efficient, scientific and orderly planning guidance for construction and operation management.

Project Overview

Located in the southern coastal area of oct Shenzhen, the project is one of the core sections of tanglangshan - oct - shenzhen bay urban functional space axis. This area is adjacent to shenzhen bay in the south, and faces Hong Kong across the sea. In the north, it is adjacent to the inland lake wetland of oct, shahe golf course in the west, and happy coast of oct in the east. Metro line 2, line 9 and line 11 (airport express) meet in this area, which makes this area a unique natural landscape area around shenzhen bay, with prominent urban gateway image and extremely high value of future urban comprehensive development. The core scope of this planning is the area enclosed by binhai avenue, shenwan first road, shenwan fifth road, baishi third road and baishi road, covering an area of 117 hectares. 

Scheme Effect Diagram Display

Connect shenzhen with the world

The foundation of globalization is the network, in which every supercity is the supernode with the fastest connection and the most frequent interaction. Based on the network running under the background of globalization of the cause of the super city is the super connection and interaction, aviation, trade, data communication network, to build a super capital interactive cultural interaction, information interaction of super, super, super decisions interact, radiation of the super event interaction, the bay area of the world's super city network - "little bay", makes the total lead xiaowan, pd and port, let little bay area become great bay area of a node, and then make the move to become the world's network in shenzhen bay an important urban node.

To build high-speed rail hub port and obligate deep underwater channel interface, in order to realize more rapid tunnel connection contact more convenient by sea, need 15 minutes only to Asia's financial center, to Hong Kong international airport, baoan international airport only 20 minutes, make the shenzhen bay super headquarters seamless docking of global resources and global infrastructure, speeds up the small bay area industrial connection; Overseas Chinese town - super metropolitan art circle, realizing cultural connection; As the media of shenzhen-hong kong interaction in the future, shenzhen bay super headquarters base will further promote shenzhen- hongkong interaction.

Super green landmark

The super landmark of shenzhen bay, must it be a skyscraper? It may be the world's first Marine park to collapse, a monument to record changes in sea level, or a super-filter to interactively purify brackish water. Connecting oct wetland with shenzhen bay, the two major water systems can achieve water purification and water infiltration, as well as water heat exchange, making the central park a huge lung of shenzhen bay super headquarters.

The state presented by the central hydrodynamic park is a state of landscape. Through such design means, shenzhen bay super general park can become a super waterfront urban landscape comparable to London's canary wharf and Chicago riverside district, which endows it with more lifestyle functions and makes the waterscape relying on the central park have more connotations.

The new connection brings shenzhen an unprecedented life in the coastal city.

In addition, shenchao also pays attention to science and technology and the future. Artificial intelligence, uav logistics, unmanned driving, underground logistics and PRT, all of which have left their footprints here. Shenchao general manager will establish China's first underground logistics pipeline embedded area, China's first underground water heat exchange power park, the world's first uav logistics building safety system pilot area, the first set of PRT (personal rapid transit) coverage network in China,connect technology and urban life, build the future city.