Exhibition 丨"the future of cube participation" design exhibition 

       "On March 24, 2018 Cube meters in future" design in vanke cloud design commune party stand at the exhibition, cube design partner Qiu Huikang, Fan Chunqing, Peng Guangxi, professor of Huazhong university of science and technology college of architecture and urban planning Wang Yuan, planning the development research center of Shenzhen chief architect Zhou Jin, PUDI design consultant (Shenzhen) co., LTD.,partner Ms. Yan Lili, and people from all walks of life and society visit the site.


       In the past year, cube design has made attempts in new fields and achieved breakthroughs. We are proud of the creative achievements of designers in 2018. In the exhibition, the most representative works of cube design in 2018 are selected for exhibition, which reflect our understanding of The Times, exploration of design value and judgment of the future. This exhibition aims at the present, facing the future, seeking for communication, stimulating thinking, and providing a platform for the public and designers to gather and communicate, striving for openness and dialogue. Therefore, the opening ceremony of the whole exhibition is carried out in a relaxed and free atmosphere. 

The audience are watching the exhibition carefully 

       Qiu huikang and Fan chunqing, design partners of the cube, Wang yuan, professor of Huazhong university of science and technology's school of architecture and urban planning, and Zhou jin, chief architect of Shenzhen planning and land development research center, jointly opened the champagne and the exhibition, and wished the exhibition a success. Mr. Fan chunqing presided over the afternoon of the lecture. As the curator of this exhibition, Mr. Qiu huikang talked about the original intention of launching the exhibition in his speech. Many designers bury themselves in drawing and seem to have almost forgotten their life and feelings about society, people and environment. One purpose of exhibition planning is to provide designers with a platform to feel the outside world and a space for communication. He said that not all the works on display are winning bids, but whether they win or lose, they are all attempts to imagine our future lifestyle. We hope to touch the future in this way and trigger thinking. 

The guest Open the champagne for congratulations 

       Professor Wang yuan said, take this opportunity to do an official announcement, the other station to do the next thing to do a brief introduction. At the beginning of this year, we held the exhibition of Mr. Li baofeng, and the works of other masters will be exhibited next, which is worth looking forward to. For the exhibition, Wang believes the work conveys two transformations. We usually think of architectural design as a service industry, but in the works on display, I see leadership. These designs have realized the transformation from service to guidance, and the cube design has led the new urban life, led the party a, and led the company's 400 employees to pursue higher goals. On the other hand, it reflects the transformation of the cube design from architecture to city. He breaks the boundary of the discipline, regards the building and city as a whole environment to create, and accurately grasps the context of urban development in China. This precise grasp of the cube company has a strong source of design competitiveness.

The guest to speak 

       The whole afternoon was open and free. Drinks and refreshments were prepared on site for the audience to enjoy at will. Red envelopes designed by the cube were scattered on the table, and the audience could take them away as a souvenir.

Activity scene 

      In addition to exhibiting the renderings of the works, the design process, technical drawings, models, images and other materials will be presented one by one, showing the process of architects' thinking in all aspects. A chair was placed next to the booth for the audience to sit down and read the information. We have always sought the direction of innovative ideas and enhanced the creative vitality within the company. Through this exhibition, we hope to stimulate more creative associations and cooperation opportunities.

exhibition site 

  The exhibition will last until April 20th. During the weekend of the exhibition, the project will invite the project leader to share the design experience, tell the design process, and interpret the project design from a more comprehensive perspective. All are welcome to visit and guide. 

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Opening hours:Monday to Sunday 9:00-20:00 (closed from April 5th to 7th) 

Exhibition location:Fang Station CUBE STATION (Shenzhen Nanshan District Liuguang Road Vanke Cloud Design Corporation B612) 

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