PartnerDirectorTianyi Yang

Beijing Branch General Manager / Design Director
Xi'an Jiaotong University, architecture
Former Tianjin Institute of Architectural Design Architect
Deputy Chief Architect of Beijing Mochen Architectural Design Office

Tianyi Yang is responsible for the design and delivery of several major projects in North China. He is good at extracting key points from the project, looking for breakthroughs and creating the most value for the project. Incorporate its green, sustainable building design concepts into design creation and project practice. The Tianjin Eco-City Urban Management Service Center office building renovation project won the first prize of “Eco-Building Award” and Beijing Engineering Survey and Design Association; Tianjin Eco-city New Home Project won the “National Green Building Innovation Award”.
With keen judgment and skilled practical skills, Tianyi Yang led the team step by step and continued to develop, and accumulated extensive experience in different types of projects such as master planning, office buildings, and large-scale multi-purpose complexes.