Partner / Managing Director
Senior Engineer
Bachelor of Architecture, Zhejiang University
Former Design Director of Excellence Group
Zhonghai Real Estate Director Architect, Head of Group R&D Center

Ms. Wang Ying has been in the position of design manager and design director for brand developers for 26 years. She has accumulated rich experience in project planning and management, and is familiar with the management of projects in planning, architectural design, environmental design, sales and sales. control. She is willing to face the challenges of project management and is good at balancing the needs of all parties and in-depth communication to develop a total solution.

Ms. Wang Ying has long been committed to the work of architectural design and research, and has cooperated with social professional forces to achieve scientific research results. Including the "New Residential Model Study" in cooperation with the University of Sheffield, the "Resident Environment and Facilities Research" in cooperation with South China University of Technology, and the preparation of the "Residential Scale Study of Residential Areas", as the project responsible for the completion of the Golden Land. The Group's "Golden Land First First Changed House Manual and Design Guidelines" and so on. She combines real estate operation experience with design practice, and brings forward-looking guidance to the planning and design of the project based on the principles of professionalism, pragmatism and moderate advancement.