PartnerDirectorGuangming He

Southeast University, Bachelor of Architecture
1993-1997, Hunan Provincial Architectural Design Institute Architect
Shanghai Architectural Design Institute Architect from 1997 to 2001
2001-present, Shenzhen Cube Architectural Design Consultant Co., Ltd. Design Director

Guangming He joined the cubic design in 2001 and is the core strength of the company's startup period. During his 24 years in business, he has been involved in all stages of team management and project operations, forming his own set of efficient management methods. The design style is rational and rigorous, and it has rich accumulation in the aesthetics of classical architectural forms. It is also very good at realizing fine design and quality control in combination with national conditions. He believes that each customer is unique. Before launching the project, he will spend time to understand customer characteristics, needs, goals, etc., and customize the way to create a personalized solution that meets the customer's vision and market goals.