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South China, Foshan, Guangdong






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The project site is located in Chancheng District of Foshan City, at the intersection of Minjiang North Road and Wenchang Road, with convenient transportation. The traffic diversion capacity of Foshan Road, Wenchang Road, Minjiang North Road, Zhongshan Road, Cargo Station Road and Industrial Road within the region has brought efficient and convenient regional transportation advantages to the project area. The west side of the base is the main flow of people. to.

At present, such projects are becoming more and more the new normal, and the surrounding environment is extremely unsatisfactory! The available environmental resources are relatively limited, and the customer base of the project is younger!
Gropius once said that "I can't endlessly retro, architecture must advance, otherwise it will die. His life comes from the huge social and technological fields of the past two generations. Change. Architecture is not the ultimate, only constant change"
We try to be in the post-modern industrial era, where efficiency is prioritized, material is becoming more and more filled, and there is a need for architecture to be different from traditional definitions and interpretations. Modern luxuryism seems to be increasingly favored by the pursuit of quality in the city's new upstart. While creating a new and quality life for human beings, we hope to bring about a change in the city and try to bring a clean stream in the modern society.
In terms of design expression, it does not pursue the luxury of Rococo, but pays attention to the simplicity of the form, focusing on the present, expressing the modern construction techniques, the exquisite texture of the materials, and the spatial flow of the steps.

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