Tangchi Sanshiliuxiang

Central China,Hefei Anhui






Architecturd Design,Planning and Design,Landscape Design



To build the chief folk culture and leisure tourism town of Hefei Metropolitan Circle, and to create a comprehensive business model of the Lijiang River State Comprehensive Demonstration Zone! Create a space for harmonious development between man and nature, adhere to the people-oriented, and build a humanized commercial street that is casual, relaxed and comfortable.

Planning structure analysis
The three axes---the main trunk road from the city to the interpretation of the square to the south side of the secondary trunk road, open the two main entrance nodes between the north and the south; the other two axes from the distribution square through two commercial streets to open to the river, a connection to the center green space and cultural square The other connects the central green and north entrance nodes.
Multi-nodes - multiple squares and commercial nodes are distributed throughout the plot.
Multi-zones---Commercial and square areas complement each other and talk to each other.
Architectural design
1. The theme of each street building theme
Junyi Road - City Features
The building scale is relatively larger, the entire building group is high and low, the body size is different, and the changing and irregular roof form is adopted. The façade is gray brick, gray ceramic tile, brick red brick, wood grain aluminum window grille and glass. The curtain wall and other architectural languages show the image of the atmosphere, upright and modern new Chinese commercial architecture to the city streets.
Waterfront Road - Waterfront
The scale of the building is relatively small, the buildings are scattered in a block-like layout, and some buildings are connected by corridors, which violates different leisure spaces. The façade of the building incorporates a piece of dark gray aluminum strip as a facade element, while more windows and terraces are placed to bring more water into the architectural function space.
Concentric road - local charm
The building blocks are similar in size, the roof is double-sloping roof, the building facade is made of gray brick and white paint, with red window frame and aluminum window grille. The building skyline is basically straight, but it is distinguished by black and white. Forming a rhythmic façade effect, forming a commercial, street-like effect with simplicity, nature, and local flavor.

Facade design
Considering the special geographical location of the project, in the spirit of building the chief folk culture and leisure tourism town of Hefei Metropolitan Circle, the architectural façade design reflects the non-legal national cultural movement, and the inheritance of Anhui folk food culture. The project form adopts the modern Huizhou style architectural style, using the contrast between the virtual and the real, forming a unique rhythm rhythm, and the unified design of the opposite form. The design abandons the extra decorative elements, based on the architectural style of Anhui dwellings, blends creative elements, and combines the planar function to form a unique architectural rhythm on the façade treatment, in order to obtain a simple and generous architectural image and enhance the park's Identify traits. The shape is smooth and generous, simple and clear, full of the characteristics of modern Huizhou architecture, highlighting the advanced and creative nature of the project.

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