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Conceptual Design



Sun Yat-sen University Shenzhen Campus is one of the main campuses of Zhongshan University, a comprehensive key university directly under the Ministry of Education. It has medical and engineering as its main characteristics, and has comprehensive academic advantages, and will be built into a world-class university campus.
Surrounding overview
The project is located in a remote community located in the administrative junction of Shenzhen and Dongguan in Guangming New District of Shenzhen. There are traffic trunks on the southern edge and a large area in the south is mainly industrial land and office land. Near the base, there are natural landscapes such as Zhugong Mountain, Zhupo Mountain and Potou River, which retain the relatively primitive natural features and rich landscape resources.

Planning concept - "one mountain, one water, one city"
In accordance with local conditions, we put forward the planning concept of “one mountain, one water and one city” to maximize the protection of the original landscape resources. The new buildings on the southwest side are arranged in flat areas in the form of “city”, and the buildings between the valleys form a “village” form. Incorporating into the natural environment, the architectural group is unified and has its own characteristics, which makes the mountain landscape to the city block a perfect transition.

The axis extends from the large archway, the central square, the library, the top of the mountain, and the dock to the second phase of the land, forming the main axis of the campus space; the nodes are connected to form the secondary axis of space. The natural landscape penetrates the mountain from the mountain through the campus axis network.
Functional Division
The grouping is determined by the axis. The subject group is located between the living and public groups, which is consistent with the functional orientation of each group. With the discipline and life group as a collection, and between the public and sports groups, the functional layout is very reasonable.
Vibrant ring road
Beyond the fast-access axis, a “slow” loop traffic system is set up. The loops are connected in series to form a rich leisure space for people to communicate.
architectural design
The design of the building is tailored to local conditions, people-oriented, and the campus space is dense and dense, meeting the diversity of the campus population. Different school buildings should be clearly defined and easy to use, and at the same time be able to display their academic image.

The design of Sun Yat-Sen University's Shenzhen campus is tailored to local conditions – fully exploiting the uniqueness of the region and rational function layout. While meeting the diversity of the campus population, it also reflects the inheritance of the culture of Zhongda University, creating a dense and diverse campus space and diversity. The campus group, combined with high-tech utilization, strives to make Sun Yat-Sen University Shenzhen campus a world-class sustainable green campus.

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