Nanshan Yuguo

East China, Shanghai






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Project site is located in the western suburbs of Shanghai Xu Jing international community, with large integrated transport hub - Hongqiao integrated transport hub is only 6 km. According to the planning site of Xujing Town Government, the site of Shanghai Junqiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. is used for the land of Shanghai Junhua Real Estate Co., Ltd., the southeast side is the supporting facilities for Shanghai Xihua International School, the Jindi Tianyu is in the south, the green land project land in the west and the existing peasant dwelling in the north. It was used as a building economic development business after the demolition of the facade of the Huqingping Highway. The future area will have a high-quality ecological landscape to create high-end residential areas.

The entire area of the facade in an atmosphere distinguished French classical style of architecture, some of the buildings by language and details of the excavation, the city showed some deep cultural connotation. We hope building groups can have a distinct personality in the Area, but can harmonize with the surrounding environment.

The façade design of the commercial and clubhouse part adopts a classical introverted design method. The classical shape incorporates modern elements, and the design is integrated with the city, and they are mutually integrated to form a whole, with distinct personality and outstanding commercial atmosphere.

The facade design of the residential part we hope to pursue a classical beauty. Neutral tones, cumbersome decoration, natural and harmonious, reflecting the atmosphere of high-quality real estate, luxurious and elegant.

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