Fantasia Funian Square

West South, Chengdu Sichuan






Architecturd Design、Landscape Design



The project is located in the Dayuan Business Technology Zone in the southern part of Chengdu City. This area is one of the key areas for the development of Chengdu to the south and is the future city sub-center. The project is adjacent to the planned road in the east, facing the ICON Genesis Plaza project of Gaoxin Real Estate. The south faces the Dayuan Third Line Road, opposite the Ocean Center and the New Hope International Business Building; the West faces the Planning Road, opposite the undeveloped place. In the future, it will be adjacent to the Sichuan University Science and Technology Park; the north will face the headquarters business district, and the next street will be the Sinopec Southwest Petroleum Bureau project.

The Sinopec Southwest Petroleum Bureau in the north has a building height of 100 meters. New Hope International on the southwest side, with a maximum height of 100 meters. The Genesis Square in the east has a maximum height of 163 meters.
The façade adopts the "modern simplicity" styling method, emphasizing comfortable and pleasant space and smooth line arrangement, creating a business complex with a whole, atmosphere and quality, and strives to be the landmark building of the area. The office building is an all-glass curtain wall. The glass with different transparency forms a square lattice structure, which is gradually reduced from the top to the bottom of the tower, and is coordinated with the podium commercial shops and advertisements.

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