Dingfeng Yuanzhu Shuiyun Dongfang Haoting

South China,Dongguan Guangdong






Architecturd Design,Planning Design



The geographical location of the project and the development ideas of the entire ecological community. The product forms of the Banling project are townhouses, double-story, single-family houses and high-end houses. They are positioned as high-end luxury products for the market, requiring planning, layout design, and The image of Dingfeng Real Estate reflects the strict requirements of Dingfeng Real Estate to create high-quality residential products with high quality, while also paying attention to the harmony of urban environment and improving the environmental quality of the entire region.

In the design of this project, we absorb the essence of Southern California style architecture and refine it, fully respect the original surface texture and architectural environment, embody the cultural accumulation and architectural connotation, and the architectural detailing emphasizes the simplicity and the natural law. The shape highlights the overall layering and space expression. Through the transformation of the space level, it breaks the single and rigid shape of the traditional facade, the beautiful shape, the shallow wall, the red tile, and the ups and downs of the roof tile, resulting in a very beautiful curve. Red tube tiles, curved walls and wrought iron windows create a soft, restrained and distinguished living atmosphere. Symbolize the use of small arch vouchers, cultural stone façades, red sloping roofs, arc crevices, etc., from red tile to hand plastering, from curved walls to one-step balconies, and wrought iron, pottery pendants, etc. The entrance is highlighted by a colonnade or stone colonnade.
The design of the details first considers the use of human beings, ensuring the comfort and convenience of use from the aspects of human body scale and detail construction. Secondly, considering the effect of the façade, paying attention to the material combination, the transfer processing between the color materials, such as the down pipe, the outer sunshade, the louver, etc., all reflect the high quality and humanity of the design.
The exterior wall of the material mainly uses high-quality cultural stone and high-grade imitation stone coating. The door and window profiles are made of aluminum profiles, aluminum louvers and high-quality wrought iron railings. The roof is made of high-end roofing tiles. The choice of all materials prioritizes durability and high quality. The material combination and color matching are carefully designed and processed to fully reflect the luxury positioning of the project.

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